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Siddiqui Engineering Consultants is an engineering consultancy firm specializing in sugar industry. The company is headed by Mr. J. A Siddiqui, a highly respected and reputed name in the sugar industry. His hands-on experience, spanned over 35 years, of installing and successfully running several sugar industry projects lends rich source of expertise and know-how to the company.

Some of the projects successfully handled only recently by Mr. Siddiqui are given below.

  • Mini Sugar Mills

Specialists in designing & Installation of Mini Sugar Mills of capacity 500 TCD some of our Designed Mini Sugar Plants are in operation while others are in designing phase.Contact 

Mr. Jamal Ahmed attending International Seminar on Sugar Industry 

          Chanar Sugar Mills Ltd, Tandlianwalla,   

      District Faisalabad

- Designing

- Planning

- Machinery fabrication control, local and offshore 

- Installation and implementation upto completion

- Complete production upto installed capacity

- Overall responsibility of running the project for eight years 

   on full capacity of over 4,000 T.C.D.










        Chishtia Sugar Mills Ltd, Sillianwalli, 

     District Sargodha

- Redesigning and modification

- B.M.R

- Capacity enhancement from 3,000 T.C.D to 6,000 T.C.D

-  Project is being successfully run on full capacity



Details of Our Current Clients


Al-Noor Sugar Mills Ltd, Moro, District Nawabshah - capacity 8,500 T.C.D.

Shahmurad Sugar Mills Ltd, Jhok Sharif , District Thatta - capacity 8,000 T.C.D.

Chishtia Sugar Mills Ltd, Sillianwalli, District Sargodha - capacity 6,000 T.C.D.

Habib Bank Consultant for Najma Sugar Mills Limited, District Tharparkar  

Chanar Sugar Mills Ltd Distt: Faisalabad  capacity 4,000 T.C.D.

Mehran Sugar Mills Ltd Tando Allahyar Distt: Hyderabad capacity 8,000 T.C.D


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